Eetbare Tuinen

The Eetbare Tuinen (Edible Gardens in Dutch) are the two market gardens of Jonatan and Nawang, located on the Wageningse Eng and the Betuwe. At the second location, they chose for permaculture: a permanent agricultural system full of edible perennials. They want to show that farming can be done in a different way.

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Eetbare Tuinen
Vegetable and permaculture farm
Jonatan de Vrieze & Nawang Sherpa

vegetables, herbs, fruit

“100% natural products! What else?”

“Hi! We are Jonatan and Nawang. For the past 5 years, we have been growing annual vegetables at a small-scale level on an organically certified piece of land in the Wageningen Eng. We sell our products to local shops and restaurants. We grow our crops following the organic principles, meaning that we do not use any pesticides. 100% natural products! What else?” From 2022, Nawang and Jonatan will be experimenting with growing winter vegetables on the Wageningen Eng.

Nawang and Jonatan also manage a permaculture garden of 3 000 m² in the Betuwe. Jonatan: “We grow more than a hundred different types of perennial edible plants, including berries, fruit, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs.” The term permaculture is a contraction of permanent and agriculture. “What we do is create a permanent agricultural system, together with nature. Improving soil life and supporting local biodiversity lies at the heart of our practice!

With this garden we hope to show a successful example of practicing permaculture and thus raise awareness of alternative forms of farming.”

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