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We are an association of enthusiastic farmers, producers, caterers and shops in the region of Wageningen, Ede, Renkum and a part of the Betuwe. By working with nature, we provide sustainable, local and healthy food.

"Looking for tasty, local and sustainable food? Go for StreekWaar products."

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The background

Why choose StreekWaar?


We like good food. Tasty food. Our products are made with care, so that we can guarantee you a delicious meal anytime. You’ll taste it.



We are proud of our land. We like to take good care of it. That is why we work sustainably. So that this land can also provide a good basis for our food in the future.


Local is delicious. And better for the environment. Together we make steps for a more sustainable future.



Our prices are fair. For the consumer ánd for the producer.

Our products are true. Without unnecessary additives, and without any fuss. Nor any fancy packaging. Our products speak for themselves.



By buying StreekWaar products you support local producers in your local area. Together we care for the sustainability of our region.

All the wonders in one place

The StreekWaar market

Every Saturday you can visit us at the Wageningen market for your favorite sustainable products from the region. Come say hello and browse the stalls in the Vijzelstraat from 9h to 17h and discover tasty local vegetables, mushrooms, cheese and goat cheese, eggs, juice, pies, kombucha, pickles, honey, stew and much more!

We’ll gladly share with you our passion for local and delicious food, and tell you about our products as well as share some recipes.

Producing responsibly and sustainably

Our criteria

We carry sustainability in our hearts. We believe that sustainable production is the only way. That’s why we apply a set of criteria that we all follow. You can find them here.

No pesticides,
no chemical fertilizers

We work according to the organic agriculture guidelines, although a SKAL certificate is not required.

Raw materials from Europe

Raw materials such as animal fodder and concentrates and inputs for the primary production process are sourced as much as possible and at least 90% from Europe.

15 km around Wageningen

We work within a radius of 15 km around the center of Wageningen with producers in Hemmen, Rhenen, Ede, Bennekom and Renkum.

Ingredients from the region

Ingredients from processed products and meals are sourced as much as possible and at least 70% from an area of ​​15 km around Wageningen.

Animal welfare

Livestock farmers greatly value animal welfare.


We are transparent about our production methods and price structure and we tell our story to the consumer.

Fair price

We strive for a price that is fair for the producer, nature and the consumer. We do not burden nature with our costs.


We constantly work on becoming more sustainable and we are transparent on what we have achieved.

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Are you a food producer, caterer or local shop from the Gelderse Vallei with a focus on locally and sustainably produced food? Would you like to become a member of the StreekWaar association? We welcome you wholeheartedly!

First have a look at our Terms and conditions (in Dutch) and Criteria, then fill in the registration form (in Dutch) and contact our admissions committee (click on the button below).
e-mail: toelatingscommissie@streekwaar.nl

The basics

StreekWaar Board members

Marjel Neefjes


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Photo: Guy Ackermans

Giel Dons


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Photo: Marten Mulder

Chris Chancellor


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Photo: M.A. Manaf

Angelien Hertgers

General board member

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This initiative was made possible in part thanks to a subsidy from the POP3 Short Supply Chains of the Province of Gelderland and the European Union.