Zwamballen out, mini-quiches in – Wat in het vat zit

After 2 years, Giel from Wat in het vat zit is stopping the production of Zwamballen. Who doesn’t know these yet? They are vegan bitterballen (Dutch meatballs) made with oyster mushrooms from Urban Funghi. Really a delicacy with some mustard and a beer! The good news is: Stadsbrouwerij Wageningen is now going to produce them themselves. Giel has handed over the recipe to them. So if you come to drink a beer at café Rad van Wageningen, you can also order some Zwamballen.

Giel will continue to make Zwamkroketten (vegan version of the Dutch croquette with oyster mushrooms) when he is behind the stall on Saturday for the live cooking at the Streekmarkt.

Now also available every Saturday at the Streekmarkt: vegetable mini quiches! Giel makes two kinds: Mung bean tofu with ginger and Oyster mushroom with leek. You can find them in the mini freezer on the market stall.

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