Zoning plan threatens Veld & Beek

Organic farm Veld & Beek is threatened of losing part of their land due to a change in the zoning plan of the municipality of Renkum. As a result of the zoning plan “Floodplain Castle Doorwerth 2022”, Veld & Beek farm has submitted an opinion piece to the municipality of Renkum. This call has been heeded en masse. The opinion piece was shared with the city council 1,678 times.

The opinion piece will of course be forwarded to the municipal council, stating the number of applicants. The messages received by the registry will be included as an opinion in the zoning plan procedure.

In the draft zoning plan “Floodplain Castle Doorwerth 2022” it is proposed to convert 22 hectares from nature-inclusive agriculture to meager poor grassland. This land is rented by Organic Farm Veld en Beek. In recent years, Veld en Beek sowed 30 types of grass, clover, herbs and flowers on this ground near the castle, alternating with grain for bread. If, in addition to the almost 400 hectares of poor grassland between Wageningen and Arnhem, this 11 hectares also becomes poor, there will be a loss of nature-inclusive agriculture in Renkum and Veld en Beek will have a major problem. The dairy cows cannot produce milk from poor grass and poor soil cannot grow organic grain for bread.

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