de Wilde Peen

“How can non-farmers still have a positive impact on biodiversity in the agricultural landscape?”, Maria and Klarien once wondered. They started CSA farm de Wilde Peen, with now 150 harvest shareholders, contributing annually to a more biodiverse landscape.

de Wilde Peen
Pick-your-own vegetable garden, CSA

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van Peursumsweg, Ede

“See for yourself every week what is ready to harvest.”

De Wilde Peen is a pick-your-own garden located in the north of Ede. Its members – known as harvest shareholders – come to harvest their own vegetables.

Farmer Klarien: “Every week we send by e-mail which vegetables can be harvested. People can come and harvest the vegetables they want to eat that week in their own time. Usually there is plenty to harvest, except at the end of winter. It is nice to really experience the seasons together.”

CSA stands for community shared agriculture: consumers commit to the farm harvest for at least one year and as such contribute to a biodiverse sustainable agriculture. De Wilde Peen also works with solidarity payment, so that not only farmers can earn a minimum income, but consumers can also pay according to their means.