Urban Funghi winner of the AIEG Impact award 2022

Urban Funghi has won the Impact award of the AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant 2022! As such, Urban Funghi has been recognized as a start-up with high social and environmental impacts. The grant will allow Urban Funghi to invest in equipment to process urban waste to grow mushrooms on. Check out the video to see what makes Urban Funghi so sustainable.

The grant from University Fund Wageningen supports young (student) entrepreneurs with impactful ideas that contribute to climate-proof and sustainable food systems. Alessia Capurso from Urban Funghi was one of the two finalists of the Impact award, and was proclaimed winner during the finale on 18th of May.

Alessia produces gourmet mushrooms indoors that are sold to local shops, restaurants and direct customers. She gives a second life to urban buildings by transforming them into a place of local food production and gives new purpose to urban waste, on which she grows her mushrooms.

University Fund Wageningen made a short video for each finalist. Check out the video to see what Urban Funghi does to make the urban production of gourmet mushrooms sustainable.

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