Pluktuin de Bosrand opens again end of May

Pluktuin de Bosrand will be open again from Thursday 26 May 2022! The Bosrand (the Forest edge) is the perfect resting point for hikers and cyclists to enjoy the magnificent view of the Wageningse Eng, while enjoying a self-made fruit juice or a cup of freshly picked herbal tea – with something tasty on the side. Spring is at its best in the self-harvest garden right now. There you can harvest rhubarb yourself, or pick a beautiful bouquet of flowers or some tea herbs.

Self harvest

Depending on the season, you can harvest in Pluktuin de Bosrand small fruit, including various types of berries, strawberries, rhubarb and grapes. You can also pick various cut flowers, edible flowers and tea herbs, including 20 varieties of mint.

Pluktuin de Bosrand cultivates in a sustainable way, without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and using only organic-certified inputs. In this way, the Pluktuin has a rich biodiversity and a healthy soil.

Volunteer work

Gardener Petra Lenskens is looking for volunteers for gardening and mowing (with a riding mower), but also for example for helping at the cash register, in the tea garden, assisting at workshops and later for harvesting. Do you want to come and help? Send an email to

Opening hours

26 May to end October
Tue-Fri 12.30 – 17.30
Sat       11.00 – 17.00 

Address: Dorskampweg opposite number 15, 6704 PB Wageningen

  • Tip: you can follow some nice workshops at Pluktuin de Bosrand. This includes: flower arranging workshop, making your own hand-tied bouquets, or making your own jam.
  • You will also find Pluktuin de Basis within Pluktuin de Bosrand, where you can harvest vegetables and kitchen herbs yourself.

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