Ommuurde Tuin Masterclass: Agroecology in Practice

De Ommuurde Tuin organizes every year in winter the masterclass Agroecology in Practice.  This one-week masterclass is a unique opportunity for students, PhD’ers and people in general who want to learn about agroecology in practice. Whether you actually want to start a garden/farm yourself or if you want to start projects with peasants in the Netherlands or abroad – this course will provide you with the practical knowledge you need:

  • Starting a peasant farm. How to start a small-scale organic garden, step-by-step?
  • Soil, (bokashi) compost & access to land. How do you build up a healthy soil life? How to make your own (bokashi) compost? What are creative ways to obtain land without needing a large amount of money?
  • Design, crop rotation and green manure. How to design a garden with different varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits, considering crop rotation?  How do you make sure you can always harvest enough every week for your veggy bags and farm shop? Why is green manure important and which varieties can you use?
  • Diseases and natural enemies. Recognize the basic diseases and know how to deal with it, without the use of chemicals. How do you get ‘natural enemies’ into your garden, which can attack pests?
  • Income & Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). How do you generate an income, as a peasant, from small scale agriculture?
  • Tools, machinery and irrigation. What is our experience with different kinds of tools and machinery for a small scale garden? Which types of irrigation do we use?
  • Seeds and seedlings. Where do you get seeds and seedlings and what is important to take into account? How to save seeds from your own farm?
  • Inspiration & peasant movement La Via Campesina. Lecture about the work of La Via Campesina in the Netherlands, and with inspiring examples of people who’ve started in agriculture.

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