Pantry x StreekWaar: regional products at the train station

It is now possible to buy regional products as you get off the train, from StreekWaar members Wat in het vat zit, SmaakPark Ede, Lekker Lupine, Been Bean, Boerderij van Steenbergen, Otto Vloedgraven Fruit and Zalig Fruit Zoelen. They deliver to the pop-up store The Pantry that opened in September at the train station Ede-Wageningen. It is an unmanned store with fresh products from local suppliers.

The Pantry sells sandwiches, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, ready-made meals and salads. Using the Pantry app, visitors can see what’s in store, they get access to the shop and they can pay. The farmer determines the price of which he gets 80 percent. For those who have had a busy day, the Pantry makes it easy to shop for locally grown food.

StreekWaar products:

  • Wat in het Vat zit: seitan, oyster mushrooms bitterballen and kroketten, hot sauces, chutney
  • SmaakPark Ede: miso
  • Lekker Lupine: lupine bean pots
  • Been Bean: tempeh
  • Borderij van Steenbergen: organic eggs
  • Otto Vloedgraven Fruit: fruit and juice
  • Zalig Fruit Zoelen: fruit

More info via the Pantry website or on Facebook: /pantryedewageningen
Or download the app directly from the App store or the Google Play Store.

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