Ekoboerderij de Lingehof

Biodynamic arable farm De Lingehof is located just below the Rhine, near Wageningen. No less than 10 different crops are grown on 100 hectares near the farm and another 30 hectares nearby, including onion, pumpkin, red cabbage and beetroot, as well as experimental crops such as quinoa and lupine.

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Arable farmer André Jurrius: “I like to try new things, preferably crops that are both good for the soil and that people are curious about.” He is one of the founders of Lekker Lupine, in which consumers, chefs and farmers are investigating whether we can eat lupine as a substitute to meat, as a local vegetable protein. Together with co-founder Marieke Laméris, they are committed to making lupine more visible to society. Ekoboerderij de Lingehof is a social and innovative place where other entrepreneurs can also find space.

The soil is the basis in farming. Cash crops are therefore alternated with grass-clover, which ensures that soil life flourishes. André: “Break crops, such as grass-clover or winter cereals, are the driving force behind this company: clover binds nitrogen from the air and the break crops ensure good rooting and thus an improved soil structure.”

Lekker lupine

Have you got a question related to the cultivation of lupine? Get in touch with André Jurrius.

For any other question (product development, marketing, press, community) you can contact Marieke Laméris via info@LekkerLupine.nl.

Ekoboerderij de Lingehof
Biodynamic arable farm
André Jurrius

Field vegetables, cereals, lupine, quinoa

Hemmensestraat 17, Randwijk

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