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How does it work?

Many of the StreekWaar members sell their products via this webshop. The offer varies weekly with the season and depending on the production. On Wednesday mornings, the producers bring their goods to Thuis-Wageningen, where the orders are prepared for you by volunteers.

How does the webshop work? Read more below

1. Order online

The most up-to-date offer is available every week on Friday from 17:00. You can place your order (and pay) online until Monday 19:00, after which the webshop closes so the producers have time to prepare the orders.

Every week on Friday we send the oogstbrief (harvest letter): a weekly letter with some news about the product offer, the producers and the activities of StreekWaar. It also serves as a good reminder in your mailbox that it’s time to order again!

2. Pick up your order

Your order will be waiting for you in a crate. Bring your own bag to take the products home. You can pick up your order on Wednesday afternoon at one of the StreekWaar Punten (our pick-up points) in Wageningen, Renkum and Bennekom.

3. Help out

Want to help keep the webshop running? We are a special ‘shop’ that is run on a voluntary basis by the customers themselves. Together we take care of the logistics.
There is plenty to do, such as helping to repack the orders on Wednesday morning, maintaining the website, helping with promotion, organizing excursions… or anything else you would like to contribute to.

> Sign up as a volunteer. Send an email to with the subject ‘Help at StreekWaar Punt’.

> Also subscribe to the oogstbrief (harvest letter). You will then receive the weekly email with news, announcements, and invitations to help.

Guiding principle

Our guiding principle is to make local and sustainable shopping more accessible to a large audience. There are already many locations in our area where you can buy products from the StreekWaar members.

For example, you can shop every day in Wageningen at de Gieterij, or visit Vreemde Streken and Wat in ‘t Vat zit, or go on location at most producers themselves. On Saturdays, StreekWaar is on the Wageningen market on the Salverdaplein. This webshop is an addition to these physical locations.

Price structure

We want to keep the supply chain short between producer and consumer. This ensures freshness, involvement and a fair price. The amount you pay goes directly to the producers, 8% is withhold to pay the necessary expenses for this online store and the pickup points.

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Ontvang elke week via email wat nieuws over de aanbod, de producenten en onze activiteiten.

Deze gegevens worden uitsluitend gebruikt voor communicatie rondom de StreekWaar webshop en StreekWaar Punten.