E.R. Tigchelaar

As you walk along the Slagsteeg road in Wageningen, in the middle of the Binnenveld agricultural area, soon you will see strips of organic vegetables being grown for local consumers.

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Edwin Tigchelaar: “I would like to increase biodiversity for an attractive landscape and also to create a sustainable and robust cultivation system. That is why I go for organic and strip cultivation.” The soil is currently (spring 2022) in its second year of conversion to organic. Edwin: “In the first year I only grew flower mixes and green manure, of course without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This year, for the first time, potatoes and vegetables will be grown in narrow strips on this plot in the Wageningen Binnenveld.” That sounds promising.

E.R. Tigchelaar
Edwin Tigchelaar
Organic strip cropping farm


Slaagsteeg, Wageningen

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